Our Staff

Mike Genung

Mike Genung - Blazing Grace Church Staff


I grew up in the seventies and eighties, and, although I was raised in a Christian home, walked away from God in my teen years, and threw myself into drugs, alcohol, and sexual sin. I eventually distanced myself from the drugs and alcohol, but could not find freedom from the sexual sin, which included binging on porn, sex with prostitutes, promiscuity, and more. After an eight year search for freedom, God set me free by filling my heart with His love in a powerful way, and I've never been the same. Although I'm fatally flawed and deeply broken, the grace of God sustains and strengthens me in my weaknesses.

Blazing Grace is a ministry we started in 2000 to help men (and women, who struggle too) break free from porn and adultery, and wives heal from the damage it causes in their heart. It’s because of this ministry that I’ve been able to see what the church looks like under the hood. Many of God’s people are lonely and isolated; some are hurting, others have been spiritually abused. I also see that many struggle with finding a love relationship with God that flows from the heart (the greatest command to love God with everything we have begins with the heart), just as I did. It is our prayer that you will enjoy a love relationship with the Creator of the Universe, and that Blazing Grace Church will be a blessing to you.

I've been married to Michelle since 1989, and we are blessed with 4 children

Brandon Burnett

Brandon Burnett - Blazing Grace Church Staff


I’ve had the blessing of being a part of Blazing Grace for several years now. The ministry has opened my eyes to the lies I had been believing that had kept me in bondage. I love seeing others come to the Truth of who they are in Christ, so they can walk in the freedom God’s called them to. My heart is to see God’s people walk in this freedom and victory. I believe discipleship is one of the missing links that holds Christians back from experiencing all that God has for them. I’m so grateful to be a part of what God’s doing through this ministry and I look forward to what he’s going to do through this Church.

Tim Peterson

Tim Peterson - Blazing Grace Church Staff


Growing up in a pastor’s home with parents who loved and lived Jesus, I learned about and grew into a desire for God. Because sin has a way of capturing us no matter who we are or where we come from, I found lust (including porn & masturbation), hypocrisy and lying to be a way of surviving. At the same time, there was a battle in my heart to keep making my way back to Jesus and truly LIVE. In reality, He kept pursuing me and drawing me back to Him, to repentance and eventually to freedom from those three. Because God’s grace is bigger than the sinful nature He is still revealing in me, His grace has brought me through a lifetime of ministry: 8 years of Pastoral ministry in a local church in Kansas, over 20 years of pastoral counseling, 6 years of mentoring and shepherding staff and children in Uganda, East Africa, and God’s presence and faithfulness in the midst of heart-ache, setback, betrayal, even a small taste of homelessness and poverty. My heart’s desire and passion is to walk with people one step closer to Jesus in their journey of life.

Sandy England

Sandy England - Blazing Grace Church Staff

Women's Ministry

I have been blessed to be given the opportunity to lead the women’s ministry of Blazing Grace Church. My personal walk-in learning who I am in the Lord has been life-changing for me. My experience with the devastation of sexual sin in my marriage, and not finding help when needed, was a hard, painful road. I was alone and angry, and my marriage was on the brink of destruction. I had no idea how to heal from my husband’s betrayal with sexual sin. I believe God has placed me with Blazing Grace to work with others; to pray with them, support them and with His grace, help them build a better relationship with the Lord. During my time with Blazing Grace, I have had the opportunity to lead many of the Wife’s Heart 8-week courses and assist in leading retreats. I lead our Monday night group for wives. All of our ministries focus on healing and building our relationship with the Lord Jesus.

Heidi Poston

Heidi Poston - Blazing Grace Church Staff

Children's Ministry

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home and came to faith in Jesus at a young age. Children’s Ministry has always held a special place in my heart. I have had the privilege to serve the last 17 years with ages birth to 5th grade. We want children to experience Jesus and come to know and follow him!