Colorado Springs Wives Recovery Group from Porn & Adultery

For wives and girlfriends that live in the greater Colorado Springs area whose husband or boyfriend has issues with sex addiction, porn addiction, or adultery, we offer an in-person support group for you.

The group’s emphasis is on support, equipping you with the Biblical tools to cope with the pain in your relationship, dealing with triggers, looking at what rebuilding trust is about, healing, forgiveness, prayer, and more, with a Christ and grace-centered approach.

As with all of what we do, our Colorado Springs wife’s group emphasizes the heart; moving past what you know to what you believe in your heart and how it is affecting and driving your life. For the wife who is recovering from her spouse’s porn addiction or adultery, the relationship with God is key; we will point you to Him as the source of your strength and healing.

The group meets Monday nights at 6:30PM. There is no cost to attend. Our men’s group also meets at on Monday nights in the same building. Please consider inviting your husband to attend the men’s group for his recovery and support. Mike Genung’s books will be available for purchase at the meeting.

Child care is available. Please let us know if you need child care for our planning purposes.