How Blazing Grace Church Began

Posted: Dec 10, 2018

Around 2 years ago, I began looking at what was happening in our country and comparing it to the Scriptures. We’ve been in a downward spiral to darkness that has accelerated with even more velocity since then. Mass shootings are commonplace, Federal and state laws have been enacted that open the door wider to evil, God is being shoved out of every corner of society while the occult is gaining wide-spread acceptance, pornography is an accepted form of entertainment, suicide rates are climbing; I could go on.

Then there is what we see here on a daily basis. Many of our churches are churning out little Pharisees; men and women who know God’s word, yet are missing an intimate, soul-satisfying walk with Him. Spiritual abuse is quietly ignored (we see it all the time). Churches either avoid difficult topics like sex, drugs, the occult, or spiritual warfare, or if they do touch on the these issues it’s often in passing (“it’s sin, don’t do it”), and people aren’t equipped on how to be overcomers.

Society is collapsing, while, every Sunday, we sing praises, hear a sermon, and go home. Something is wrong.

Then I would look at God’s word, which says our churches are supposed to be houses of prayer (Isaiah 56:7, Matthew 23:13), equipping their people to be overcomers and warriors in the issues they struggle with today (Revelations 2 and 3), and we’re to be doers of God’s word (James 1:22), in and out of our weekend services.

The first words people say when they come to us for help are often “I have no one to talk to.” Scripture shows from start to finish that we’re not called to live isolated lives (Genesis 2:18: It is not good for the man to be alone”).

What I kept seeing was that there are many things we’re called to do in our weekly services that we’re only talking about.

The idea of starting a church sounded crazy at first, but after 2 years of praying, talking to people, and God putting all the pieces together, Blazing Grace Church will hold its first Sunday morning service at 10:00am on January 13, 2019, here in Colorado Springs.

We will be a house of prayer, and will spend time in prayer as a body during our weekend services. We will teach God’s word, and be a church of “doers of the word,” including taking the action steps necessary to insure that you are not one of those isolated Christians. We will be a church that dives into the hard issues of our day that people are struggling with, just as Jesus commanded the churches of John’s day in Revelations 2 and 3 to do, with the intent of equipping you to be an overcomer and warrior.

Blazing Grace Church isn’t for everyone, including those who are set in the tradition that church is only about song and teaching, or those who want to keep their comfort zones intact.

The services will be livestreamed so that those of you outside of Colorado can watch them.